Monday, May 26, 2008

Kira forced me to help her with her ASL project... I got kind of bored so i started making weird faces. :P

Peter, my HYPER DOG

I didn't know what to do with these pictures of my dog so I just put them on here since I am already on here anyway!

Peter... laying on Katie. He doesn't want her to go anywhere.
There Peter is on Katie's behind!
Peter being OCD about his toys
Peter being a spazz and wiping his face on pillow


Me at Christoffferson creek
Me and Madi
Maddie and Jessica


Trevor and the seals... they look great together!
Makinga sand castle in Puerto Vallarta
Cathedral in Mazatlan
Pelicans on a rock in Cabo san Lucas
Our Waitors, Vernon (left) and Clifford (right) They are from India!!!

I went on a cruise in April! It was so so so FUN!!!! I loved Mexico... but all the vender dudes kind of freaked me out. Everywhere we went there was always someone trying to sell us something- but it was still fun! I saw a jellyfish and I freaked out! There were a lot of fish too- and I saw dolphins! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!